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Maryland General Assembly 2020

Please stay involved!  The effort to raise – or eliminate - the maximum amount of military retirement beyond the existing $15,000 maximum did not pass this session.  Let us keep up our efforts to educate or legislators on the importance of eliminating military retirement income from state taxation.

The legislature did, however, pass a number of bills that merit our attention regarding:

  • Property taxes and Retirement Income Tax (See State Tax Exemption Tab)
  • Tuition for Active Military, Retirees and Spouses
  • Special Commemorative Observances
  • Waivers on various fees for Active Military, Retirees and Dependents

These bills were referred to the Governor for signature.  In order to comply with the Covid-19 restrictions, the Governor allowed all to take effect without the usual signing ceremony.

Bill # Summary/Title

HB 12/  SB 341



Homes for Veterans - Veterans of Uniformed Service: Updates existing law to ensure that a member of any of the seven uniformed services is eligible for a Home for Veterans supervised by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This basically changes “armed forces” to “uniformed services".
HB 133  Exempting certain active duty members of the armed services of the United States who are subject to certain deployments from certain mandatory vehicle emissions inspections
HB 236 Repealing a requirement that the Department of Natural Resources submit a certain report to the Governor and the General Assembly on or before December 31, 2019; and repealing the termination provision for certain provisions of law relating to the issuance of complimentary or discounted hunting and fishing licenses to certain military personnel, former prisoners of war, recipients of the Purple Heart Award, and disabled veterans.
SB 1010  Establishes a Maryland Code of Military Justice, which applies to all members of the State military forces at all times. It also repeals Subtitle 8 of the Public Safety Article (Courts-Martial). It aligns the state code with the federal Uniform Code of Military Justice. Note: HB 1139, similiar legislation, was not passed by the Maryland General Assembly.
HB 349/ SB 280 Occupational and Professional Licensing – Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses.  These revisions to Reciprocity Requirements effectively streamline the occupational and professional licensing procedures for Service members, Veterans, and military spouses.
HB 646 Requiring the Motor Vehicle Administration to charge a certain additional fee on the issuance of special registration plates for recipients of an individually earned, combat-related armed forces medal that results in a surplus of at least $10 for each issuance of new registration plates; requiring that the additional fee be credited to the Maryland Veterans Trust Fund.
SB 142 Requiring the Department of Natural Resources to establish a process for an individual purchasing certain licenses and stamps in a certain manner to make a voluntary monetary donation to the Healing Hunting and Fishing Fund; requiring the Department to collect donations and deposit them into the Fund; authorizing the Chesapeake Bay Trust to make grants to eligible sponsor organizations that provide opportunities to benefit veterans or members of the Armed Forces of the United States - Win for various recreational therapy nonprofits.
  Students Requirements and / or Tuition 
Bill # Summary/Title
HB 362 / SB 282 Maryland National Guard – Tuition Assistance Program – This modification expands tuition assistance for Maryland National Guard members from 50% to 100%.
SB 391 / HB 503 Requires County School Superintendents to allow a dependent child of a Service member who is relocating to the state on military orders and is not domiciled in that county during the enrollment period to apply for enrollment in a public school in the same manner and the same time as individuals domiciled in the county.
HB 506 / SB 458 Exempting spouses and financially dependent children of active duty members of the United States armed forces from paying nonresident tuition at a public institution of higher education in the State if certain requirements are met at the time of acceptance to attend the institution; and requiring the exemption to continue if the qualifying individual enrolls and remains continuously enrolled at the institution, regardless of changes in the station, residency, or domicile of the active duty member.
HB 570 / SB 366 Altering the definition of "public school employee" for the purposes of provisions of law governing collective bargaining for certificated employees in Carroll County to include Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) instructors.
HB 596 Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Conflicts Scholarship - Graduate Students and Other Alterations.  This legislation effectively alters the eligibility criteria for the Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Conflicts Scholarship to include graduate students.
SB 294 Veterans’ Education Protection Act -  Protects Service members using GI Bill education benefits from predatory practices of for-profit schools. Ensures that in applying for-profit schools 90 | 10 funding rule, GI Bill benefits will be included as federally sourced funding. Note: HB 593 which was similiar, was not passed by the Maryland General Assembly.
SB 446 Authorizing the Secretary of Higher Education to require certain institutions of postsecondary education to refund all tuition and fees to certain Maryland students if the institution does not file all essential records of the academic achievement of a former student with the Commission in a certain manner; establishing that an institution that closes programs in a manner that is a disorderly closure is in violation of the enrollment agreement or other contract with a student enrolled at the time of the closure; etc.- This applies to military personnel or to veterans.



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